Product Features

  • 760 watts
  • Cooks 2 portions
  • Non-stick plates
  • Fixed plates
  • Floating hinge to easily adjust to any thickness of food
  • Sloped grill so oil or fat can drain easily and drip tray to collect the oil and fat
  • Temperature ready indicator
  • Easy grip handle
  • Size: 124 x 245 x 218mm
  • Weight: 1.28kg

Packaging Details

40HQ                10100

Size                   25×24.5×9.5cm

Weight             1.5kg




Product Details
Weight 0.7kg
Size 175 x 155 x 150mm
Power Cable 60cm

Product Features:
• 230V 350W 50Hz
• Cook up to 7 eggs at once
• Power light and automatic buzzer
• Switch control (stop and heat)
• Includes measuring cup
• Cooking degree optional, soft to hard
• Great for steaming small stuffed bun and dumpling.

Packaging Details
Size 175 x 175 x 170mm
Weight 1kg
40HQ 10728